Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sources of Inspiration

Why do you run?  For some, it is for a sense of achievement.   For others, it is to lose weight or simply to be healthy.  There are countless sources of inspiration, be it a good song (list upcoming!), a hero of the sport, a friend or loved one, a touching movie or moment.    One thing, I do not take for granted, is inspiration.

I love the YouTube video, "Why Do You Run" (fancyboy productions) .   It is an excellent montage of poignant competitive running moments set to the music of Moby's "My Weakness".

Taking the time to be inspired can be a tipping point to creating inspiration.   Have you watched the video yet?   If not, do it.  The video is three minutes and forty five seconds, and it is mesmerizing.   It is hard to fathom all the hard work each of these runners put in to get to the 'moment' where they are featured in this video clip.   Being willing and able to do that hard work is at the core of what allows an athlete to be great.  Are you inspired?  What inspires you?

A Brief Play List of my Favorite Running Songs

Your Hand in Mine: Explosions in the Sky
Best in You: Foo Fighters           
Sinnerman: Nina Simone
Lose Yourself: Eminem
Stralafur: Sigur Ros
I'm Shipping Up to Boston: Dropkick Murphys
Let Forever Be: The Chemical Brothers
The Funeral: Band of Horses
Half LIght II(No Celebration): Arcade Fire
Glory & Consequence: Ben Harper

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